Real instrumental Masterpiece from outta space:


Destroys The Invaders... O.P. Lp

Produced & Mixed by Prince Jammy
at King Tubby's
Recorded at Channel One
Backing by Roots Radics Band
Published by Greensleeves, 1982

...Nuff said!

Side 1:
-Conspiracy On Neptune
-Martian Encounter
-Saturn Bombardment
-Attack On Genymede

Side 2:

-War In The Asteroid Belt
-The Great red Spot
-Life On Uranus
-Final Destruction

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(Simply a Journey to Nowhere...)

Tullo T. mix

Tullo T. mix by Strictly Sound

Papa San - Strictly Sound Session

Papa San - Strictly Sound Session by Strictly Sound

STRICTLY SOUND Vintage MEGAMIX approx. year 2003

STRICTLY SOUND Vintage MEGAMIX by Strictly Sound

Strictly Automatic - King Everall original Dubplate

Strictly Automatic - King Everall by Strictly Sound